Advertisements can be so obnoxious sometimes, always telling onlookers what to buy or which movies to see—though it's also likely people as consumers have simply become smarter and thus more critical of the slew of ads that surround them. In the past, Jon Burgerman has picked up his camera to voice his sentiments on violence in film posters, Etienne Lavie has attempted to replace ads in Paris with classical works of art, and now New York-based designer Ji Lee is taking a stand too. 

Instead of defacing or removing the ads around him, however, Lee's latest public project Clownify Stickers series actually aims to enhance them. Whenever he sees an advertisement during his commute and travels around the city, Lee simply plasters a red clown nose onto the models in the ads. So a billboard of Kate Upton commemorating Sports Illustrated becomes a cheeky work of street art—or a really, really good-looking clown. Either way, Clownify Stickers is win for both advertisers and jaded commuters. Eye-catching and funny, Lee now has more people paying attention and laughing to the ads in New York.

[via HuffPost]

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