Obviously, no one will get to see the art that was on the exterior of 5 Pointz again because it has all been whitewashed away, but there is a cool and unexpected consolation prize, courtesy of the "urban exploring group" LTV Squad. The team recently made their way inside the building to explore it's empty hallways and deteriorating stairwells and took photos of what they found.

Sections of 5 Pointz complex are as marked up as you would expect, but other parts are surprisingly "clean" since there were other businesses operating out of the space. There are miscellaneous bottles of what appear to be chemicals and solvents, boxes of Asian porn, stacks of vinyl, and lots of other stuff. "The entire complex was big enough that 10 people could be exploring in teams of 2 and not run into each other for hours," writes LTV Squad member, Control. "If one were to listen in on our burn phone calls, you’d think we were speaking in code. Where are you? “Jackson Roof”. “The Record Room”. “3rd floor apartment over the space womb”. We spent hours here. Over a span of 2 days and nights we meticulously combed every inch of 5ptz."

Head over to the LTV Squad website to see more photos of the space, to learn more about its history, and to experience the adventure through Control's words.

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