Philadelphia based skate-inspired Caste Quality has trained its lens on French indie skate label Magenta Skateboards, taking a peek into culture behind the brand.

The video starts with a look at the Parisian heritage of the brand, as founders Soy Panday and Vivien Fiel discuss the city's impact on both their simplified design philosophy and their techniques as skaters. Moving to San Fransisco, the video tracks riders Leo Valls and Ben Gore, as the pair relate their videography and photography with their history as skateboarders respectively.

It's clear that while Magenta is a lesser-known name within the skate scene, the ideology of the brand and those involved is rooted in a genuine love of the culture.

If the video seems a bit short, no worries, a new part will be released on April 2. To pick up the gear seen in the video, head over to Magenta Skateboards or Caste Quality.

[via Vimeo]