Finding the right fragrance coupled with dressing well and being freshly groomed are important not just for personal hygiene, but also to attract the fairer sex. Eu de Death, however, does quite the opposite. Scientist Raychelle Burks has concocted a scent so putrid its main purpose is to ward off zombies, you now, just in case the Zombie Apocalypse becomes reality. Yes, this really does exist. 

From watching TV and movies, we all know that smelling like a walking corpse will prevent you from being attacked by zombies. Burks’ new scent contains a mix of “putrescine and cadaverine” chemical compounds to mimic the smell of death. Just apply a spritz, and zombies will no longer find you appetizing. Is this scientifically proven to actually work? We’re not sure since human knowledge of zombie behavior involves Walking Dead marathons. Watch the video below for the scientific breakdown.

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[via Styleite]