Shaq might be a multi-millionaire but he’s looking out for the big guys who want to dress well and avoid having to drop crazy money on a custom suit. Standing at 7"1, Shaq knows how hard it is for guys his size to find affordable clothes. So he teamed up with Peerless Clothing to release a line of suits available exclusively at Macy’s.

“The main conversation we had was to make it affordable,” O’Neal said. Jackets are priced at $400 while pants cost a wallet-friendly $150—much lower than the $2,500 price tags of custom suits. Maybe big and tall dudes entering the NBA and NFL will stop wearing ridiculously absurd suits on draft day.

The collection isn't only for big guys, though. Sizes range from 36 all the way to 60, so no one is left out.

Visit the Macy’s website to see what Big Aristotle cooked up for you.