The way that Beyoncé pronounced "surfboard" in "Drunk in Love" has becoming a running joke on the Internet, inspiring t-shirt designs and a soundboard, but Justin Hager may have just won the game with this awesome illustration. Hager inserts Bey and Jay Z into the iconic Grant Wood painting American Gothic, replacing the farmer and his wife with the power couple, and getting rid of the pitchfork to make room for a big surfboard (...surfboart).

The humor in Hager's art is simple but effective. Almost everyone who sees this will get the joke even if they can't name the artist of original painting, because it and Beyoncé are such important parts of pop culture. His other illustrations are just as funny and smart, like the "Sally Jesse Raphael" piece and the "Lil' Wayne's World" art below that inserts the rapper into the popular film of the '90s.

For more of Hager's pop culture illustrations, head to his Tumblr blog or check out his Instagram @JustinHager.

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