Mark McNairy and Cam'ron have partnered up to create a set of custom capes for no goddamn reason at all except that now the rapper can truly stunt for what is now the official beginning Killa Cape Season. Two guys who simply do whatever the fuck they want for no particular reason other than to have fun have created four luxe capes that have elevated Cam's cape game to Jawn Draper levels.

The first is a Harris Tweed cape with a plush faux fur lining. The next piece is made with flannel wool and a satin lining, perfect for Superman stunting while keeping Americana on one hunna. Because it's Mark McNairy, there's a camo option with blurred-out graphics and a sporty yellow mesh lining for breathability and pure why-the-fuck-not. And finally, when Killa's on his stealth-Batman shit trynna sneak in without Juju waking up, there's a  black wool cape with a black quited lining. And every piece has Diplomats laced up the inner sides and either Dipset USA or Diplomats printed on the back, just in case you weren't aware that it was Cam'ron who just slumped your cape-less 'fit with his superhero swag.

You laughed when Cam started rocking head-to-toe pink. But pretty soon he had all of NYC rocking the hue. Now he's fully head-to-toe with a single garment, so you might as well quit your laughing now and get to caping if you fall on the co-sign side of what's the polarizing Killa Cape Season. As Cam himself put it, "Hate Now, Cape Later."