The large-scale minimalist sculpture artist Richard Serra appeared on a recent episode of the Charlie Rose show, a public-broadcasting interview platform generally reserved for the greatest conversations of all time. Of all time! Rose is a legend in the game and Serra recently opened a new show at both Gagosian Gallery locations in New York City, so the ground for conversation is fertile. But Rose seems to come out the gate with some kind of punji pit laid in the jungle of his questioning. Despite some kind words on Rose's part, this is how the interview begins:

Rose: Is this a new direction for you?
Serra: It’s a new body of work.
Rose: Well, clearly that.

 Yikes, Charlie! No one puts Serra in a corner. And that gets clearer as the interview goes on:

Rose: If you’re Richard Serra, are you competing against yourself?
Serra: Well, "if I’m Richard Serra" is a little contrary to fact. I am Richard Serra.

Ever the literalist, Serra goes on to ignore any representational aspects of his work, dismissing that people have said his new sculptures look like a cemetery by simply acknowledging that they don't appear that way to him. Make it to the end of the video to see Rose try and convince Serra that a piece of paper on a water glass is a piece of art. Jack White is on this episode too, or whatever.

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[via Gallerist]