While it was fun to look back at all the dope shit that happened in 2013, stylish dudes know that it's most important to always be looking forward. Now that 2014 is in full effect, it's high time that guys start paying attention to the lookbook and runway shows that previewed the spring and summer gear that will be hitting stores in February, if it hasn't already.

In the flood of spring/summer 2014 previews and debuts, there were a few that definitely stuck out. The reasons could have been that crowds were floored with what they saw. Or that a collection's news and hype immediately split guys into two polarized camps. Whatever the case, these are the labels we're salivating over and waiting on, while rubbing our hands and muttering, "Soon..." Well spring deliveries are about to roll in, and these are The Most Anticipated Collections to Hit Stores in 2014.

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