With no Nigo to steer the ship, A Bathing Ape seems to be taking a different course for spring/summer 2014. It’s an overall serious tone but the signature playfulness in the designs is still there.

Included in the collection is, of course, the brand’s signature camo in different forms. One of the standouts is a glow-in-the-dark version, which further proves that camo today is used more for standing out than blending in. Plain raglan shirts, striped sweaters, sweatpants, and button-ups are also all included. It seems that what it lacks in cartoony graphic T-shirts is made up with all the energy focused on outerwear and cut & sew designs. If this is the direction BAPE is going, it’s definitely refreshing and will attract new fans who are converting to the "grown-up streetwear" movement that's finding its groove.

[via Hypebeast]