Virgil Abloh is launching a line called Off-White, and the first collection is titled "Youth Will Always Win." While it is a natural extension of what was Pyrex Vision, Off-White is a full cut and sew line produced in Italy, and will fill in that tricky, hard-to-find space where streetwear and fashion blend seamlessly. Abloh told, “I want to give my point of view and merge street sensibilities in a proper fashion context. I think that if I can merge the two, it’ll make something interesting.”

The inspiration for the debut collection stems from "the geometric lines of Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House near Chicago," a natural jumping off point for Abloh, who trained as an architect and engineer before linking up with Kanye West.

As for the shabby-chic nature of the clothing, which leans more toward a relaxed, lived-in construction, Abloh says, “It’s not so much about brand-new. It’s about the washed nature of clothes, the relaxedness. That’s what I love, to bring a Ralph [Lauren] take back into streetwear. Streetwear is generally brand-new. It’s fresh out of the box, you wear it once, it becomes trendy, then you get rid of it.”

See below for the full debut collection, and start taking bets on how quickly this stuff will sell out once it hits shelves.