Last month, we brought you word of a psychology researcher who discovered people have a better retention rate for art when not taking any photos in museums. It turns out there’s a video game devoted entirely to this entire activity, for the god or bad of the memory.

No Photos, Please! is the name of the game, where surreptitiously flicking masterworks without being caught by the guard is the objective. If this seems like a weird simulator at all to you, you probably haven’t a) been caught trying to snap a selfie in front of that snazzy Degas, and b) not dug deep enough into the weird world of hyper-specific simulator video games (like this Road Construction Simulator).

In reality, most museum guards won’t put up with your shit, even on the sly. That’s probably why in No Photos, Please!  the player has the option of using a fuzz-distracting flash or throwing down a banana peel to slip up a guard’s pursuit.

From the developers:

No Photos, Please! is a local two-player stealth party video game developed by The Basement Studios. 

Set in the numerous Heritage Malta museums, No Photos, Please! follows the struggle between a Photographer’s ambition to expand his photograph collection and the museums’ Security Guards’ constant need to do their job in apprehending him. 

The game is played from a bird’s eye perspective and provides both players multiple ways to outsmart each other using role-specific abilities while completing their opposing main objectives.

Check it out here.

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[via Hyperallergic]