Sometimes you just want to relax and wear the most comfortable gear in your closet. But more often than not, you’ll look like a bum stepping out in sweats or even a robe. Luckily, Aimé Leon Dore turns these household staples into some amazing designs that could easily compete with whatever stylish dudes are wearing on the street. Thermal-lined robes, cuffed sweatpants, and its signature Aimé crewneck are some of the standout pieces, but the collection is a super strong debut from front to back.

The outerwear is solid, with flight jackets, vests, and trench-coats to choose from. Leather trim collars and welt pockets provide the luxe touches that separate these from the pack. Accessories complete the collection with cable knit scarves, knit beanies, and wool fedoras, which look pretty easy to pull off with the rest of the lineup. 

Visit the Aimé Leon Dore website to shop the collection, and be sure to keep the brand on your radar.