Stussy and NEXUSVII are teaming up again for the holidays on a collection that’s begging to get soaked. But if you want to sit back on rainy days and count ways to get rich, that’s fine too. The collection taps into the outerwear craze of the early ‘90s, when practically all of NYC was decked out in technical gear and most likely bumping Wu-Tang on their Sony Discman’s.

Just in time for winter, there are a few items in here to keep you dry. The Gore-Tex Pullover fishtail-style parka is waterproof and an easy option if you don’t want to carry an umbrella around. If it gets too cold layer it up with the cardigan jacket or just switch up to the diamond quilted down jacket. It’s not just outerwear, though. Button downs, tees, and accessories with a focus on rain graphics and winter-ready fabrics are also included.

Check out the accompanying video below, and hit up the Stussy website to purchase.

[via Stussy]