Ever since socks became an integral part of any stylish dude's wardrobe, there has been a separation in ones that get worn in everyday life and ones that get rocked on the court or at the gym. That distinction is no more. Stance, a brand that has dominated the colorful sock game since it launched in 2010, is getting into the performance arena, which means you can burn all your old, raggedy athletic socks.

Stance Fusion blends the worlds of style and technical excellence so that you can go from ballin' out to straight ballin' without having your white sock game fuck your whole night up. Stance Fusion provides all the moisture wicking, cushioning, compression, and traction control properties that athletes need, but still brings the heat when it comes to graphics and patterns that stand out. But the best part may be that they only cost $18, and are available at the Stance webshop right now.