San Francisco’s White Walls gallery. Curated by a master of the progressive graffiti form, Poesia, the show draws from the artist’s international pool of talented artists, who came together through Poseia’s blog Graffuturism. The artists involved include: Augustine Kofie, Borondo, Chazme, Clemens Behr, Doze Green, Duncan Jago, Part2ism, Poesia, Robert Proch, Sainer, and Vesod. Called “L’Avenir,” the exhibition takes its inspiration from an essay by Jacques Derrida, the coming of the Other.

This is how Poesia describes the impetus of the show:

This new stage of our development is taking shape at the same time the art world is starting to take notice. Yet with limited knowledge of our subculture, they the art world has had a hard time acknowledging us as an art form. There have been some exceptions, but as a whole we have stood “outside the gates” so to speak. We are on the fringe, at the precipice of being recognized, still fresh enough to have honesty prevalent in the work before over-commercialization takes hold. 

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, December 14. There’s more info on the White Walls website. 

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[via White Walls]