The world of selfies on Instagram has added yet another layer of removal, via a new account that can be found under the moniker @photoshop_fantasy. The premise is simple enough: anyone who tags their photo with #psfantasy will receive a heavily doctored version of the image in return. The results are often so over-the-top the original subject can’t be recognized. Cheekbones become flying buttresses. Eyes bulge like melons. Faces lift with little explanation.

The account has generated some amount of controversy as well. According to one blogger at The Frisky, the photo doctors changed a photo of her without permission. She went as much as to call those who have been on the site “victims.” As she wrote in a lengthy blog post on privacy and use agreements.

[…] photoshop_fantasy had appropriated my photo for its own purposes, which was to give my selfie a complete makeover. In its doctored version, my freckles are gone, my hairy eyebrows are trimmed, my wispy hair is slightly more orderly, my eyes and lips are enhanced by makeup, and the corners of my mouth are slightly upturned to add the tiniest smile.

It’s not a bad look for someone. But that someone doesn’t look like me.

Photoshop Fantasy eventually issued an apology: "Hello lovely followers! We want to apologize for the inconveniences this account has caused with the unadvised photoshops. We deleted them and promise to not do these again without permission. What we did was wrong and we are sorry, and we certainly didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Thank you for your comprehension!"

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[via Design Taxi]