With a collection falling somewhere between typography, artifact, craft, and design, the Buchstabenmuseum in Berlin opened its new location over the weekend. In what was once a supermarket, the new Buchstabenmuseum houses for the first time a permanent collection, called “The Signs of the City.” The museum is unique in that it features pieces of signage from around Berlin, including many different typefaces, styles of manufacturing, and variants on displays. This includes neon, chrome lettering, fired earthenware objects, and more. Current and former residents of Berlin will recognize many of the museum’s odder, “legendary” holdings, including fragments from the bathhouse Oderbergerstraße, as well as the lit-up "play of light," "pastry," and “ornamental fish." What’s most arresting about the new space—for the first time in the museum’s history organized thematically—is that when viewed in sum, the signage becomes part of a stronger visual message. Check out a few shots of the new space above and get more information on the (German) website

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