Following the release of the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0, the brand and Dwyane Wade himself commissioned UK artist INSA to create a mural in Wynwood using the tagline "Make Your Own Way." The colors of the Overtown Way of Wade 2.0 were used to create 30'x20' mural as well as a cool pattern of alternating stripes, which INSA painted then repainted to create one of his signature animated mural GIFs.

D-Wade says that the "Make Your Own Way" tagline is meant to inspire, and that INSA was a perfect match for the Li-Ning project because "his style is bold and unique." INSA also felt that the collaboration made sense: "I was psyched to get involved with Team Wade. I like the fact that the wall shares a very positive message. Wade is carving his own path and that resonates with me. I feel like I have lived my life the same way." Check out the process video of the artist at work building and rebuilding the awesome piece, and if you are in the area head over to 286 NW 29th St and 3rd Avenue, Wynwood Miami to see it in person.

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