San Francisco's HUF, Hawaii's Kicks/HI and straight-outta-Hagatna brand Guam all have a special appreciation for their respective hometowns. Keith Hufnagel reluctantly let go of his final Hayes Valley location in 2011, but still kept SF as part of his brand's name. Kicks/HI Guam joined forces with a shared love for island culture, tropical greenery and Spam musubi. 

HUF x Kicks/HI Guam's limited edition collaboration - released just one day after the Islander brand dropped another capsule with Stussy - seems like a natural, seamless threading of three (technically, two) labels with similar aesthetics and ethos. The t-shirts and tank tops in "Guam Dirtbag Crew" bear images of local Island legend Sirena the Mermaid, along with the seal of the Flag of Guam, while HUF's signature all-over tree print is splashed in bright red on socks and caps. "Hafa adai," Gaum's equivalent to "aloha," is additionally repped "all day." 

Pick up the collection, a celebration of Kicks/HI Guam's five year anniversary, at HUF's online store, St. Alfred in Chicago, or Kicks/HI's Hawaii location. 

[via HUF]