H&M is introducing a new Sport Collection set to launch early next year, ultimately expanding its reach. This isn't the retailer's first dive into the sports arena, having released activewear before. But the new collection will offer more to the tune of running, yoga, tennis, and workout gear, as well as a few for outdoor activities. 

To make sure the gear is up to par, H&M enlisted members of the Swedish Olympic team to help with the design. “Our focus has been checking the pieces for fit and function, for performance and also comfort,” Olympic medalist Therese Alshammar said. If these are good enough to outfit the country's team in the upcoming winter and summer Olympic games, they can definitely handle your daily six-mile job. Plus, now you can break a sweat and win style points at the same damn time. 

As of right now, there's only a preview of two men's looks, but both seem very promising. Expect the collection to start appearing in stores starting Jan. 2.

[via WWD]