New York-based photographer David Zvereff has been working on a project he calls “Introspective,” a photography venture into six countries to explore the arctic and sub-arctic regions. These areas of the world may not exist as we know them for much longer, due to climate change, and economic and political pressures for development that tend to supersede environmental preservation.

During his three-month journey, which he catalogued in a diary, Zvereff had some personal epiphanies. The trip “became a personal Odyssey, one of searching for inner clarity by seeing and photographing the marvels of the natural world,” Zvereff told us via email.

To capture the beauty of the regions he visited, Zvereff used some of the world’s only remaining Kodak Aerochrome infrared film. The film provides a rich, deep feeling to the colors of the region and helps mark the contrast between the unique plant life and snowy mountain tops.

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