Space played a big role in this year's murals, where street artists shaped their works around specific sites, engaging with dimensions and designs of buildings to put up impressive pieces. Some artists tackled walls that are outstanding in scale alone. Others used depth and shading to create the illusion of dimensions on a flat surface. Jaz, Axel Void, eL Seed, Hyuro, Escif, and JR all challenged us to think about the use of space differently, whether it was taking over Times Square or an abandoned building.

Other artists took this year to reflect on social concerns. JazSwoon, and LNY used Occupy Gezi, Hurricane Sandy, and Monsanto (respectively) as part of their visual dialogues in 2013. These works were dotted across the map as mural festivals in Montreal, South Africa, Las Vegas, and other cities created hubs of street art activity around the world. From the top street artists across the globe, these are the The 25 Best Murals of 2013

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