Release date: May 17, 2013
Photography: Bohyun Yoon
Art direction: Bohyun Yoon
Labels: 4AD

Taken from the work of the Viriginia-based Korean artist, Bohyun Yoon, the National send a strong message with Trouble Will Find Me. Specifically, the cover depicts the idea that when we're looking for trouble, we often only have to look in ourselves to find it. In Yoon's work, "Fragmentation," the photograph used here was meant to explicate the depersonalized body and how modern science and fashion have enabled people to partially or fully dissociate themselves from their physical identities. The National's use of the work describes how these problems manifest, putting the mirror on ourselves to reveal where our appetites for plastic surgery or a new wardrobe come from. The black and white color adds a poignancy to the work, sharpening the details of the mirror to make the woman's reflection that much clearer to herself.