Looks like President Barack Obama is getting on the cozy boy train in 2014. First Lady Michelle Obama let it be known that she'd be getting gym clothes for her husband for Christmas. According to her, "He said that's what he wanted." Barry has proven again and again that his steez has occupied wavy territory, and with the help of his boo, it looks like he's going to become v relaxed in cozy gym gear. 

Lucky for him, the category of workout clothing has progressed in leaps and bounds to the point that Michelle has tons of options when it comes to copping pieces that can be worn while lounging or politicking. The Leader of the Free World is about to have his limbs slide into recline position after Christmas morning.

According to wifey, these gifts aren't the passive-aggressive hints that your girl will drop with talk of the gym or how you'll get to see her yoga pants in full glory if you hit up the 2 p.m. bikram class with her. "I'm not forcing my husband to work out," she explained. "There’s going to be some Let’s Move joke about how I’m strapping him to the treadmill. No, he likes to work out!" she said, referencing her anti-obesity and pro-fitness efforts. 

[via Daily Mail]