It's not April Fools or Halloween, but some people have been tricked into believing that Banksy is following his successful New York artist residency with a new month-long project in Paris called "Back to the Roots." A Banksy-Paris website has been set up, modeled after with a similar layout and quotes, and there is also a linked Instagram account for the site, just like Banksy's, but EuroNews reports that the artist has nothing to do with it.

This is the second time that a website has gotten people's hopes up for a sequel. Back in October while the artist was still creating and dodging the NYPD, surfaced with the headline "Better LA Than NYC," but it now features a countdown to a "Street Art Auction" of his Flower Girl piece created in the city back in 2008. The problem with these sites is that they may kill the excitement for future (legitimate) projects by Banksy. No one wants to scour the web for definitive proof that something is real because it makes them lose interest. The sites are also lazy and unimaginative. It wouldn't make sense for Banksy to revamp his original idea in another location because it has already been done, though if he does we will definitely follow and report on his movements. 

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[via EuroNews]