New York-based brand Gypsy Sport has never been exactly shy with their designs. The company's last line pushed - more like barreled over - the envelope on materials, colors, heights, (did they just raise the crown of that snap back?!) and textures traditionally used for hats. 

For spring, Gypsy Sport didn't scale back on decorum, didn't crouch down in a corner and succumb to the looming threat of minalism. In its latest lookbook titled "Holy Cow Baby Boy," the freshman brand known for drawing inspiration from religious iconography and international cultures featured leather bucket hats, untied plaid du-rags and a safari cap that looks like something Tutankhamun once donned. Gypsy Sport's unabashed, unbridled inclination toward rebellion comes through clearly, with multiple patterns and colors mixed at every turn. It's brave, adventurous, if a bit crazy, but absolutely raw. Take a good whiff.

Some styles from the book are shown above. Head to the site for more details on the drop date. 

[via Gypsy Sport]