Age: 30
From: London, UK

Artist and Glasgow resident Toby Christian is definitely an emerging artist, both Frieze Magazine and Modern Painters Magazine have posted articles about that fact alone. Christian excelled at the Royal Academy School, London. His recent projects are "An Arrangement in White," at the XO Gallery in Leeds (2013), "Unseen Blows," at London's Seventeen (2012), and a reading called "The Lounge, The Book, The Routine," also in London (2012). Christian is currently working on a book called Measures. He will be working in New York this month before the RH Contemporary Art gallery opening.

Christian is the first participant in RH Contemporary Art's ongoing artist-in-residence program. Christian has two type of pieces—ones that go on the floor and ones that go on the wall. His floor pieces are an exploration of architectural forms to create a dialogue between the work and its location. His wall pieces are panels made from chalk, string and paint. They bring together his study of objects and spaces with text in a way that confuses but alters the viewer's perspective.

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