The name John Varvatos has come to represent quality, class and style so thoroughly that it is easy to forget he’s a real guy. John Varvatos is, yes, an award-winning fashion designer, but he is also a rock n’ roll enthusiast, inventor, philanthropist and fragrance connoisseur. A pioneer in the fine art of looking back to move forward, John Varvatos style is both eclectic and classic, modern and vintage.

While the name may seem a little exotic, John Varvatos is as American as hot rods and hard rock—in fact, like both of the aforementioned American staples, he has his roots in Detroit. Throughout a career that has included stints with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, he has been able to bring a “rock city” edge to men’s high-end fashion, and that is one of the things that sets his brand apart from all other premium lines.

Since adding to the brand and launching a fragrance line in 2004, John Varvatos has produced a series of fragrances that includes his namesake scent, John Varvatos, as well as Vintage, Artisan, Artisan Black, and the latest issue, Platinum Edition. John Varvatos took the same inspiration from his fashion line and made it the basis of a distinctly masculine series of fragrances that feature notes such as black leather, tobacco leaf and fluid amber.

The men who have made the John Varvatos label integral to their personal style—from rock stars to business executives—have kept these fragrances in steady rotation. A John Varvatos fragrance is layered, sophisticated and classic, much like the man himself.