Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons are the perfect pop art/ARTPOP mash-up. After designing the pop star's album cover for ARTPOP, Koons got together with Gaga again to create a logo for USA Today. Tonight, at a warehouse in Brooklyn, Lady Gaga unveiled sculptures designed by the pop artist as part of her ArtRave party. 

The sculptures appear in typical Koonsian sheen, casting classic figures in colorful stainless steel and giving them a garish shine. One of the sculptures is a 3D version of Koons' album cover for ARTPOP. It features a white cast of Lady Gaga giving birth to one of Koons' shiny blue Gazing Balls. 

Besides the new sculptures, Gaga also revealed VOLANTIS, a flying dress, and the ARTPOP App tonight at ArtRave. The evening's events speak to the pop star’s commitment to blending music, art, and tech. Speaking about working with Koons, Marina Abramovic, and Robert Wilson on other projects, Lady Gaga told an audience at ArtRave, "We could belong together."

UPDATE NOV. 11 10:07 A.M. ET: At about 1:00 a.m. this morning, Lady Gaga performed "Aura" next to Jeff Koons' sculptures. She also performed "Venus" on stage at ArtRave.

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