Era: Streetwear B.C.

"Project Dragon was one of the smaller brands that I discovered at Union in SoHo. And I think Stash had Subware, that was his main brand. Stash is like a serial entrepreneur, I guess, because he had another brand called BFS, which was Blue the graffiti artist—rest in peace—Futura and Stash, which was a dope brand. BFS often referenced a lot of subway iconography. Subware was very graffiti-centric, so it had a lot of wild style graffiti type shirts.

"I think Project Dragon was Stash and Futura only. And Project Dragon to me was the most highly designed streetwear, and took influences from Japan. Stash used to go to Japan a lot because of the success of Subware. But it was a much more edgier, cleaner, more sophisticated streetwear line. Most prints were really small, He’d do a shirt with four point copy on it and call it a day and that was it. I was a graphic design major at school, and I loved the sensibility that he put into Project Dragon. Out of Subware, BFS, and Project dragon, PD was always my favorite one."