It's been 15 years since Hype Williams' landmark film Belly came out and changed the gameThe 1998 cult classic starring DMX and Nas is a glossy, fisheye-lens view of New York City hustlers in the '90s living out their best Tony Montana dreams. Shootouts, drugs, and treachery; It's basically a Hype Williams music video on repeat and that's why we love it.

Hype's painstaking attention to atmosphere and lighting is evident and hip-hop's favorite stylist, June Ambrose, laced the cast in the illest gear of the time. Brands like Avirex and Enyce may be played out now but back then, they were fit for only the flyest. As a film that encapsulated the looks and style of hip-hop culture back in the '90s, we took a look at The Greatest Outfits From Belly.

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