OK, Canada, we admit it: You're way steezy than we thought, and living there doesn't suck at all. Especially if you have brands like Wings + Horns in your backyard. The Vancouver brand has gone into spring/summer 2014 with a mind state of "swag us the fuck out," and let's it ooze into every aspect of its collection.

Wings + Horns is the cool kid that doesn't try too hard to stunt, but shuts shit down in the process. The brand has bucket hats, huge cardigan sweaters, camo-printed trousers, and even monochromatic 'fits in order for next year, and is able to mix the want to wear cozy knits with the need to look tailored and wear blazers. But it's not a hodgepodge of menswear, everything fits naturally, and doesn't force you to mess with one segment of your style over an other. You can literally go from sweat shorts and laying on the couch to wearing a white blazer and drinking cocktails with the most A+ of women.

Simply put, this is how you'll see in the in-the-know crowd shining next spring, but you'll have to look a little harder to find their secretive style.

[via Acquire Mag]