Canada has finally done something better than America, besides being polite and not obese: Thanks to Nike, it has way cooler hockey jerseys than us for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

We got a look at the U.S. jerseys for the games that will take place in Sochi, Russia, and we were impressed how fresh they looked. But now that we see what our neighbors to the north will be wearing, we're a little jealous.

Canada's jerseys come in white, red, and black. The white and red versions have a huge maple leaf across the chest, while the black version has "Canada" set over a red stripe. It looks like the Canadian fans, for once, can already boast about winning this year's gold in the eternal competition of dopeness.

We're just wondering how long before Drake gets his hands on one, if he hasn't already. One thing's for sure, the jersey is going to look even cooler with beer and poutine stains.

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[via Nikeblog]

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