Everyone likes to cut loose once in a while. Maybe it means growing a ponytail, maybe it means throwing back a few choice brews. Beer is a huge part of our culture, and everyone has their say on what their favorite beer is. But what does your favorite beer say about you?

If you're a college bro on a budget, then you're slamming down Natty Ices as you yell obscenities with the other bros playing pong in a dingy basement and talk about slaying the biddies who never show up to your party. If you've grown past that stage, you could be someone who plays it safe with a nice craft brew after a long day's work.

Little did you know, these beer choices also say something about your personal style. There's a reason you buy $13 30-racks and rip the sleeves off of tank tops yourself, or you've lived in New York City your whole life, drink Heineken, and stomp people out with your Timberland boots. Our favorite beer choices are indicative of how we dress, and here's What Your Favorite Beer Says About Your Personal Style.

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