Holy shit. Did Lifetime serious make one of their original movies about Versace? PLEASE TELL ME THE GALLIANO BIOPIC IS ON DECK. This shit looks absolutely glorious. It’s got Gina Gershon playing Donatella. Shouts to Gina for also being in Showgirls and How to Make it in America. YOUR AGENT IS KILLING IT, BOO. Can you guys believe even more people are making money off of Versace? MIGOS MUST BE SO PISSED THAT EVERYONE IS MAKING MONEY OFF VERSACE EXCEPT THEM. I’m assuming someone on Tumblr will be making some epic ass GIFs of the over the top acting and decidedly un-Versace looking wardrobe. No way in hell this "movie" had a wardrobe budget big enough to actually feature real, actual Versace clothes in it. It doesn’t even have real Italian accents. Did you guys know the movie Showgirls had a really famous Versace reference in it? And—AND!—I'm pretty sure the guy playing Gianni was in Just Shoot Me, a sitcom that took place at a fashion magazine! SHIT IS COMING FULL CIRCLE RIGHT NOW. Everyone is invited over to my place for the premiere. Count on ya boy for hella ‘zerts and ‘tinis all night long.

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