It’s really not that hard to do laundry. But everyone has a friend who looks like they live in a White Castle dumpster. Maybe they’re lazy, too busy with work, or just terrible at measuring the amount of detergent to laundry ratio, but dirty clothes rule their lives. To these people, Tide has an answer that will hopefully raise them above hobo status.

The company is introducing some trial tees that are infused with detergent to mothers around Poland. The aim is to get their kids to stop being lazy and do their laundry themselves. Each tee features an illustration surrounded by tears. Each teardrop is actually a dose of detergent. All you need to do when the shirt is dirty is toss it in the machine. Simple enough. Hopefully, this will get kids off their asses and teach them how to do basic chores. And yes, that was meant to guilt you if you don't know how to do your own laundry.

[via Newsfeed]