First issue date: April 2002
On the coverRed Dogg, DJ Prostyle
Cover line: All New!
Editor: Julia Beverly
Art directorJulia Beverly
PhotographerJulia Beverly

Originally a regional Orlando magazine, O-Zone covered local musical talent. From reggaeton to rap, photographer Julia Beverly decided to launch a publication that would capture the uniqueness of Orlando’s music scene, so she became editor-in-chief of O-Zone. The premiere cover features two popular Florida acts, rapper Red Dogg and DJ Prostyle, and was released as a smaller 5.5 by 8.5 inch publication. The magazine included its signature “O” in the logo that highlighted a second, lesser-known cover subject. The simple cover speaks to the rawness of Florida music at the time. Eventually, Beverly was able to forecast and document the saturated Southern rap scene of the 2000s.

Julia Beverly says: "At the time when Ozone started it was a really an Orlando-focused publication, the southern rap magazine was something it evolved into. Originally, we covered more reggaeton, Carribbean music and stuff that was really big in Central Florida. Red Dogg at the time he had a song called “Sunshine State,” which was kind of a dedication to Florida, an ode to the city kind of thing that was popular.

In the 'O' was DJ Prostyle, he was one of the top radio and club DJs in Orlando at the time, now he is on Power 105 in New York City. We chose him because he had more of a crossover audience versus Red Dogg being more of a street rapper, so having both of them on the cover would appeal to a wider audience. I just remember photoshopping a tattoo on him [Red Dogg] and now it looks corny, but I remember thinking back then that we were really technologically impressive."