Leave it to Nike to up the levels of innovation and offer gear that can be used 24/7 365. The latest offerings help all the hardcore runners out there, and for anyone attracted to shiny things. 

If you’re afraid of the dark, the new Flash Pack will help you stay bright even when the sun goes down. Breathability, waterproof, moisture wicking, and thermal properties are all there, but what makes this running gear so special is the reflective properties. Glass-beaded exterior details help you stay visible in low-light conditions. With a 400-candlepower reflectivity, people will see you stunting from a couple hundred feet away, and you'll never have to worry about dumbass drivers while you're training.

Let’s face it; the reflective running gear available on the market right now is nowhere near stylish. They usually consist of headlamps or some weird neon vest contraptions. Get these stylish kits on the Nike website and you won’t look so much like a construction worker running from the job.

[via Nike]