If you needed any affirmation that Supreme is a legit skate brand, let us point you to this recent editorial of its fall/winter 2013 collection modeled by none other than The Gonz, Mark Gonzales. Terry Richardson shot the avant garde artist and O.G. skateboarder as he busted nose manuals, jumped off walls, and puffed down a cigar in a recent spread for Japan's Sense magazine.

Gonz is seen wearing a camo Box Logo hoodie, matching paisley shirt and pants, a bucket hat, camo overalls, a Loro Piana overcoat, and more. The editorial is dope because it shows the downtown skater spirit that the brand was established off of, and from two people who are important to street culture.

Richardson and Gonzales aren't newcomers when working with the New York brand, Supreme has worked with the photographer on several projects such as Kermit the Frog, Lou Reed, Lady Gaga,  Rosa Acosta, and more. And Gonz is a long time friend of the brand, designing parts of the fall/winter collection, and even putting a Sphinx character installation in the brand's Shibuya store.

As more and more of Supreme's fall/winter collections rolls out, this makes us want to throw on Video Days and wear exclusive streetwear.

[via Hypebeast]