This afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Madonna will host the "first ever live art curation" on Twitter. People can submit Vines, poetry, and images of their work along with the hashtag #ArtForFreedom as part of a project where Madonna asks people to answer the question, "What does freedom mean for you?" Madonna will tweet back criticism on the art in real time, hence the "live" part. We're unsure where "curation" comes into play...

This social media stunt comes on the heels of Madonna's super secret performance at Gagosian Gallery where she was dragged on stage by "cops" to sing a cover of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars." Marina Galperina of Animal New York called the show a "racial/social/artistic fiasco," pointing out that Smith's song is not about prison at all and that the use of shirtless black men to play hot cops was pretty racist. We expect that Madonna's Twitter curation will garner similar backlash.

Since the beginning of Lady Gaga's career, people drew parallels between her and Madonna. Now that both pop stars are asserting themselves in the art world, its impossible not to compare them. After Lady Gaga walked around in the woods without clothes for Marina Abramovic, Madonna appeared at Gagosian. Yesterday, Gaga revealed her Jeff Koons-designed album cover for "ARTPOP," and now Madonna is curating art on Twitter. While the marriage between Gaga and Koons, despite how you feel about them as artists, makes a sort of twisted sense, we're still not really sure how a Twitter curation project will inspire freedom and revolution.

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