Los Angeles is a spread out, perpetually evolving, landscape of numerous distinct nodes acting as entry points to the city's cultural and artistic matrix. Volunteer organizations like Human Resources continue Los Angeles' rich history of independent collectives, privileging new work and experimentations in performance and presentation. Non-profit galleries like LAXART support a younger generation of recent graduates and emerging artists by organizing rigorous exhibits and fostering understanding through exciting public programs. Los Angeles' abundance of museums, artist-run spaces, volunteer organizations, and commercial galleries creates a fruitful field for the viewing of art and an exchange of ideas. Some of the city's top galleries are deeply ingrained into Los Angeles' cultural topography—International Art Objects or Rosamund Felsen—while others have just set-up shop, like recent Berlin arrival Freedman FitzpatrickCheck out our list of LA Art Galleries You Should Know About, highlighting 25 of Los Angeles' most exciting commercial galleries that represent artists. 

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