The Pace Gallery "Picasso Baby" performance by Jay Z and special appearance by Marina Abramovic that we covered back July was one of the biggest art stories of the year so far. Something that not a lot of people know about their performance is that the two artists had a meeting the day before during which Jay Z promised to contribute to the Marina Abramovic Institute with a monetary donation, according to Roc Nation spokeswoman Jana Fleishman.

Marina's office director Giuliano Argenziano told Gallerist that no dollar amount was discussed during the meeting, and added that they are confident that Jay Z will follow through, comparing the collaboration to the "long-durational collaboration" between Abramovic and Lady Gaga. The construction of MAI has yet to begin, but they did reach their Kickstarter goal of $600,000 back in August. Will Jay match that? Or will he and Beyoncé make it a cool $1,000,000? As the highest earning couple on the Forbes list they can afford it, but then again babies can be expensive.

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