Hennessy V.S has teamed up with Pratt Institute to create an art and design competition. They have asked nine art and design graduate students at Pratt to explore the theme “Never Stop. Never Settle,” Hennessy's mantra. The three best works, which were determined in July, will appear at the Epic Hotel at Art Basel Miami Beach and will also be promoted on Hennessy's website and social channels. In this way, the students will gain valuable exposure of their works.

This competition kicked off in June when Pratt students submitted works under the theme "Wild Rabbit," which is Hennessy's campaign platform. André De Castro won with his work Project Movements, a series of portraits that feature people trying to make a difference in the world. The second and third place winners were Mike Finklestein and Stephen Mondics. All three artists will display their winning works in Miami. 

"When academic institutions and corporations collaborate, students can benefit from having a springboard to experiment," said Jeff Bellantoni, faculty advisor and graduate communications design chair at Pratt Institute. "Students from different backgrounds and disciplines took advantage of this unique opportunity and fully immersed themselves in a collaborative exchange—one that sparked an innovative range of new work."  

This is the second year Pratt and Hennessy have joined forces for this competition. “The partnership between Pratt and Hennessy is very natural because both institutions share a passion for pushing the limits of individual potential,” said Senior Vice President of Hennessy, Rodney Williams.

Check out the videos of the three winners below:

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