Street artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn (Haas & Hahn) are setting out to make a very ambitious dream come true via Kickstarter. Having completed three big painting projects in Rio in the past, Haas & Hahn want to step it up a notch a paint an entire shanty town in Brazil. The artists have tackled a 34 home section of a town in the past, but this project would mean painting hundreds of homes in the favela of Vila Cruzeiro. Should they reach their project goal, the duo would have help with the painting process. As they outline on the project page, $1000 in donations equals a month's compensation plus insurance, lunch, and a uniform for a painter in that country, which also equals money in their pocket and food for their family.

A few of the benefits of the project beyond job creation (according to the artists) are visual improvement, moisture control, and better acoustics. Check out the project video below to learn more about why the artists want to do this and head to the Kickstarter page to support them.

[via Kickstarter]