Actor: Colin Hanks
Film: Orange County (2003)

This sweet movie penned by sweet movie guy Mike White is actually a joy to watch. The motivations of young Shaun Brumder are actually captivating. His desire to leave everything he has known, his family, school, and friends to go and study writing is a real life scenario. And as far-fetched as the movie becomes, it holds enough truth and heart at its center to pull it off. However, the fact that Shaun has a complete novel finished that he shops around to friends is not important to the plot, and then to find out that he's basically written his family, friends, and school into it is the cliché that the movie has been narrowly avoiding up until the end. For a refreshingly realistic movie about young writers, look at the Norwegian gem Reprise and see how little the audience sees of the novels and what they must infer about each writers style from how they live.