The 2000s were chock-full of clothing brands that fused elements of skateboard and hip-hop style, a combination that dragged us into a decade-long rabbit hole of glorious streetwear. Tons of brands hit their stride during the aughts, and dope graphics, limited sneaker collabs, and bold patterns ruled men's style from coast to coast.

Streetwear's foundation was built up in the '90s, and from that solid platform the genre excelled throughout the 2000s. It may be a cliche at this point, but the spread of the Internet allowed ideas to spread quickly and build off of one another, and the barriers of entry to starting one's own brand were lower than ever. This created a busy arena with multiple participants that brought a torrent of creative output, and streetwear became its own culture. Within these 10 years we're focusing on, a lot of bands came and went, but a few cut through the noise to excel for a significant amount of time. 

Whether they made a product that changed the game, or consistently put out solid collections that had people lining up to try and cop, the top labels found ways to remain atop the rest in a competitive world where the next hottest brand could come from someone screenprinting dope T-shirts in their cramped apartment. The rapid innovation and flood of creative thought that defined the culture during the first decade of the 21st century was undeniable, but only a few triumphant labels could be called The 40 Best Streetwear Brands of the 2000s.

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