We see you, you want to become stylish. Everyone wants to be cool and have their swagger be the force that shut shits down. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you deem yourself stylish or at least well dressed. But what if we were to tell you're not killing it as hard as you think you are? 

Maybe it's because you wear all the clothes that your girlfriend tells you to, or you might be the guy who won't shut up about the difference between Balenciaga and T by Alexander Wang. Either way, you're doing something wrong, and it's time you need to notice your flaws. Your clothes might be "OK," but we're about to completely deflate your ego—it's just an attempt an attempt to build you back up and make you the unfuckwittable steez king that's hiding somewhere inside you. So stop doing all of this. Here are 10 Signs You're Not As Stylish As You Think You Are.

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