If you're not familiar with @ItsLavishBitch, the San Francisco-based trust fund kid who is the online star and creation of his daddy's guap, then take a few minutes to peruse his Instagram account before vomiting all over your phone and punching the nearest stranger in the dick out of pure rage. The kid is waayy beyond your typical nouveau riche Kardashian-level of tackiness, gaudiness, and ostentatiousness—and now he's documenting his uncouth purchases on Instagram video. 

In his latest 15 seconds of vulgarity, and in a voice that sounds like a pre-pubescent RiFF RAFFhe gives us a tour of his latest Louis Vuitton purchases, and proudly informs us of their price in terms of racks, aka $1,000.

But after a quick bit of research, it's pretty clear that Lavish's boasts are incorrect. Either this asshole is overpaying for his Louis Vuitton gear (which he'd surely be proud of), or he's simply lying about the prices and inflating their value so that his audience think he's wealthier than he actually is. Could it be that Lavish simply isn't the Baron that he claims to be? Or is he just a dumbass who's overpaying for stuff that, to be honest, isn't even that impressively expensive?

Dude can definitely learn a lot about style, but we also feel like we could spend that money more outrageously. Because, truth be told, it's not that lavish, bitch.