Apply the suntan lotion and get the beach towels out, we’re heading to the shore. New York, Paris, Italy, London, and Tokyo might be where all the latest fashions are found, but in certain enclaves of America’s boardwalks is where you will find style-risks on a whole new level. Class and sophistication are pretty much thrown out the window in exchange for tacky and raunchy designs. 

Found next to the Whac-A-Mole's and deep fried Oreos is a lawless land of bootleg fashion. But these aren’t the high fashion knock-offs you find on Canal St. Instead, they’re lazy screen prints of unlicensed logos, Top 40 lyrics, or some distasteful commentary about booze or drugs—sometimes all rolled into one. On the unofficial last day of summer, we present The Most Ridiculous Bootleg Boardwalk Tees around. YOLO.

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